Sep 5th Celebrate Labor Day by Spending Hours With Your New VPS!

View our new Frankfurt IPv6 only VPS offerings: just launched a new IPv6 only VPS offering in Frankfurt, Germany. You can now get the same extremely affordable servers, and set up your own high-availability cluster for next to nothing. You can have an IPv6 only VPS in Lenoir and Frankfurt for ... Read More »

Jan 24th LowEndBrie – IPv6 only lowend VPS starting at $1.99/year

Brie Host is now offering IPv6 only VPS with a competitive pricing point, the Brie Host team wants to empower all kinds of developers, from students to masters, to work on IPv6 servers on testing stages of development. IPv6 are virtually free, and can be just as versatile if you IPv6 access. To check if your ISP provides IPv6, visit LE ... Read More »

Aug 6th LA Node Upgrades

We recently upgraded our LA Node to a gigabit port and are doubling disk space on all LA OpenVZ plans to celebrate and give you all room to keep those extra files.

If you are an existing LA OpenVZ client you are already on a gigabit line, however please open a ticket or send an email to [email protected] to get your extra disk space!

May 30th OpenVZ, Micro plans and more... oh my!

Fellow cheese enthusiasts, We have been working very hard lately and we are happy to see things come together like warm brie on a baguette.We are pleased to announce plenty of new offerings, including: New KVM plans in Frankfurt A brand new OpenVZ node in Los Angeles Micro plans for KVM and OpenVZ Super cheap Micro plans (and monthly, too!) ... Read More »

Mar 11th Litehosting is joining Brie Host

Effective immediately, is partnering with Bitcoin Related Infastructure Enhancement Host under the site To celebrate the occasion we would like to invite you to try our new service. Sign up for any new VPS and receive 30% off your first payment using coupon code litehosting (valid through March 31, 2014). ... Read More »

Oct 18th October Sweepstakes Results

With the October Sweepstakes coming to a close we have been busy contacting the winners and have a definite list of winners with their associated hashes. As this is a provably fair promotion, the secret will now be released: "Brie is the best" You can check that I was using this secret by taking an MD5 hash of the secret and comparing it to the ... Read More »

Oct 1st Brie Host October Sweepstakes / Contest

To celebrate Brie Host's launch and promote our service, we will be doing a bit of a promotional Giveaway, or is it a Contest? Either way, it's FREE and provably fair! This promotion has been modified, anyone in the world can apply easily and is eligible, so long as participating in such a promotion is legal in your locality. Since the Block ... Read More »

Sep 30th Brie Host is officially open for business

Bitcoin Related Infrastructure Enhancement Host, officially Brie Host, has launched! We are a US based hosting company providing KVM servers based out of Los Angeles with more locations (and OpenVZ and Xen virtualization) coming soon!Virtual private servers are provisioned automatically. Clients have full access to their server via Solus panel and ... Read More »

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